Ortega and the List of Foremost Human Rights Violators

Maynor Salazar

“The breakdown of the Rule of Law merits a differentiated response and a thorough follow-up,” says Vilma Nunez, President of CENIDH.

UN Mission Says: “No Evidence of a Coup, this is a Civic Protest”

Carlos F. Chamorro

“You don’t send people armed with military weapons to repress protests … there has been a ramping up of attacks from the State and its forces”

Army Requested to Intervene for Retired Officers Accused of Terrorism

Wilfredo Miranda Aburto

The family members denounced the raiding of their homes without a court order.

The Strategic Defeat of Ortega in Nicaragua

Alejandro Bendaña

There is no excuse for not moving forward in unity. We are winning!

Ortega Accuses Retired Colonel of “Terrorisim”

Wilfredo Miranda Aburto

Prosecuted without evidence for “rebelling against the Ortega dictatorship”.

Two Young Nicaraguan Women, Yaritza and Victoria

“Your lost, sad gazes block the air to my lungs and slice my soul in two.”

The FSLN’s Final Leap into Prehistory

Silvio Prado

The FSLN isn’t a party any more: it’s more like a horde, a coterie of people huddled around the head of a clan to keep him in power.

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