Ortega Regime Seeks to Eliminate 24 NGOs, the Majority being Medical Associations

Medical groups that criticized the regime for its handling of the pandemic are the most harshly punished by the initiative

Repression or Diversity, the Decision Facing Cuba

The events in Cuba starting with the nationwide July 11th protests added to the alarming crisis already affecting the vast majority of the population

Artists and Power

Gioconda Belli

The massive rebellion of July 11 in Cuba owes much to the courage of the San Isidro Movement, and the song “Patria y Vida.”

Nicaraguan Doctors Questioned for Covid-19 Comments

The authorities mentioned the Cybercrimes Law. The doctors first received a verbal citation and afterwards they received the summons through their mail

Ramón Jáuregui: “Without free elections, Ortega’s government will not be recognized”

Carlos F. Chamorro

Former Spanish MEP argues that international pressure would advocate to disregard the result and holding new elections

Ivania Alvarez: “Exile Isn’t a Prize, It’s a Tough Decision”

The former political prisoner was forced to flee the intensified siege, the persecution and the imminent threat of being imprisoned once again

The international community cannot recognize the electoral process in Nicaragua and its results

I appeal to Daniel Ortega to grant me and other members of human rights organizations access to his prisons now

A Democratic Transition in Nicaragua: Without Ortega and Murillo

Carlos F. Chamorro

A solution begins by repudiating the re-election of Ortega, obtaining the release of all political prisoners and a lifting of the police state.

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