HRW Director: Ortega realized that “he doesn’t have popular support”

Kenneth Roth points out that dictatorships are increasingly “threatened” and assures that in Nicaragua “zombie” elections were held

Carlos Dada of El Faro: Bukele’s government is “the only suspect” in telephone espionage

Pegasus spyware operators in El Salvador were seeking the sources and personal data of journalists and members of civil society

Daniel Ortega hosts Iranian terrorist wanted by interpol as special guest

Lawyer for the victims, questions the fact that the immediate arrest of the Iranian was not requested even though he had an Interpol warrant

Nicaragua, the “paradise” sought out by thousands of Cubans

  • Connectas/Nicaragua Investiga
  •  18 de enero 2022

Allowing Cubans open entrance into Nicaragua has activated a new migratory route, one that could bring another wave of Cubans hoping to enter the USA

Hugo Torres Jiménez: hero of the struggle against the Somoza dictatorship

He has never given in to power and when Ortega regained the government in 2007, he did not accept positions, perks, or privileges.

Telephone spyware targets El Salvador’s independent journalists

At least 22 collaborators with the digital news site El Faro were hacked 226 times by the Pegasus spyware, between July 2020 and November 2021.

Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic: Nicaragua crisis is “urgent priority” for region

Alliance for Democracy sees democracy, human rights, and press freedom as being under attack in the region

The new Nicaragua: a kingdom of surveillance, silence and fear

Families spying on other families, and “lookouts” who for a few pesos will alert Ortega’s police about anyone “suspicious”

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