Big Tech and Media: How Independent Journalism Tries to Survive in the Digital World

  • Collab Medios Project
  •  16 de abril 2021

“How do we make sure we are heard? Apparently, we need to present a united front to the tech giants because the individual voices of independent media

Big Tech and Media

Deceptive Quotas for “Gender Parity”

cuotas para mujeres en Nicaragua, gender parity

The FSLN electoral reform is aimed at undermining the already existing structure of the political parties. It would obligate them to incorporate women,

Meylin Obregon to Seek Asylum, Mother of the Boy Abandoned on the US Border

Cindy Regidor

After being rescued, Meylin Obregon said she hopes to see her son soon. Meanwhile, the Nicaraguan government is asking for the boy to be repatriated.

Paul Oquist, Key US Born Aide to Daniel Ortega, Dies

paul oquist

Oquist’s death appears related to COVID-19. The prominent Nicaraguan official was sanctioned by the US Treasury Dept. in October 2020.

Battle Looms over Nicaraguan Child in US Custody

Cindy Regidor

Nicaraguan government wants to repatriate boy abandoned by coyotes on the US border. The child’s mother, Meylin Obregón, remains missing in Mexico

Ortega’s FSLN Proposes Bogus Electoral Reforms

Sandinista deputies propose an Electoral Law well in synch with the “Foreign Agents Law” and other repressive measures

Rosario Murillo “Centralizes” all Covid-19 Vaccine Information


The vice president, not the Health Ministry, is in charge of all information related to the covid-19 pandemic in Nicaragua

“We Won’t Support a Candidate who Embraces Impunity”

April Mothers

The April Mothers maintain our demands of truth, justice and remembrance. Thus far we have given no support to any of the precandidates

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