Ortega Says No to Dialogue, Clings to Power through 2021

The dictator challenges the international community and the sanctions. Unilaterally offers “electoral reforms within the framework of the law”

Impunity Won’t Work This Time for Nicaragua

Silvio Prado

“This time it has to be different. They do not have the excuse of a civil war to justify the massacre, nor have they been able to commit their crimes

Cartoonist Px Molina: “The Best Humor Puts the Powerful in Their Place”

Yader Luna

The cartoonist was recognized with the 2019 Maria Moors Cabot Award. He spoke on the important role of humor in coping with the crisis in Nicaragua

Family Denounces Politically Motivated Crime in Leon, Nicaragua

National and international human rights organizations including the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), demand an investigation

US Sanctions Four Top Ortega Officials in Nicaragua

OFAC punishes the President of the Assembly, Minister of Transportation, Director of Telcor and the Minister of Health

Nicaragua: 51 Political Prisoners Moved from Jail to House Arrest

Political prisoners still have not received full liberty and their cases remain open

Ortega’s Police Besiege Local Radio Stations

The violation occured on the day before Saturday’s attempted demonstration called by the Blue and White National Unity coalition.

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