Ortega Jails a 4th Candidate and Two Opposition Leaders

There are now four presidential candidates in jail. “Don’t let a criminal dictatorship take away our rights anymore,” stated Juan Sebastian Chamorro

Ortega Jails a 4th Candidate

Vilma Nuñez: “We Continue Defending Human Rights”

Cinthya Torrez

Two years ago, the Cenidh offices were illegally raided. Today, its president reaffirms the fight against impunity

Costa Rica Creates Special Immigration Category for Nicaraguans, Cubans and Venezuelans


The objective is that those whose refugee application was rejected do not fall into greater vulnerability and can continue to live in Costa Rica.

“I Thought We’d Already Had COVID-19, but No”

Yader Luna

“People have lowered their guard… If children don’t get medical attention in time, there’s a tendency for their cases to get worse,” a doctor warns.

Maria Esther Lopez: “The queen of Nicaraguan flavor”

Cindy Regidor

Over 100,000 YouTube subscribers follow the cooking indications on Maria Esther Lopez’ program, “My seasoning”.

Daniel Ortega Called “an Enemy of the Free Press”

Enemy of the Free Press
Yader Luna

Journalists and communicators demand an end to police violence against the task of informing; ten journalists were attacked on February 25

New Year’s Resolution: Keep Hope Alive!

Melba Castillo A

Almost twenty years after that survey and that report, we are far from fulfilling the dreams of Nicaraguans.

Ninety-one Political Prisoners, including the “Water Carriers”, Moved to House Arrest

Wilfredo Miranda Aburto

Ninety-one political prisoners of the 160 being held by the Ortega regime were released to house arrest at 2 am on December 30

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