Carlos F. Chamorro: la dictadura nunca logró doblegar a los presos políticos

Eddy Montes, un hombre de paz, asesinado en la cárcel

False News from the Ortega Murillo Government in Nicaragua

False News

Many Nicaraguans have denounced a number of government attempts to manipulate the news. Here are some examples. Do you have others to add?

The Four Defeats of the Ortega Dictatorship


Civic Alliance withdrew from the dialogue, moral strength of political prisoners, OAS resolution and national strike, mark an exit route.

Ortega’s Monologue and Unilateral Agenda


Civic Alliance withdraws and the regime is alone in the national dialogue, before its refusal to comply with the agreements established.

Empieza el “apretón de faja” en el Estado

Informe presupuestario confirma menores desembolsos en concepto de salarios para empleados públicos, subsidios, transferencias e inversión pública

From Luis Enrique to Luis Enrique: Songs for Nicaragua

  • Mónica García
  •  26 de mayo 2019

Two generations from the same family of musicians, talk about their songs’ itinerary, the April rebellion and their future projects.

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