Pedro Molina

Pedro Molina Draws 31 of those Killed by the Ortega Regime

The cartoonist pays homage to them, remembering their lives as part of #Inktober 2018

Nicaragua: Five Months of Civic Rebellion in Five Cartoons

Pedro X. Molina chose the five cartoons of his that best portray the crisis in Nicaragua since April 18.

Reconocimiento internacional al caricaturista de Confidencial, Pedro Molina

Presos políticos-PxMolinA

La “guerra” de Ortega y Murillo-PxMolinA

La "guerra" de Ortega y Murillo-PxMolinA

La cacería-PxMolinA

La cacería-PxMolinA

La excusa orteguista-PxMolinA

La excusa orteguista-PxMolinA

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