Human Rights Nicaragua

Human rights defenders resist the regime’s onslaught

Threats, jail, exile, and annulment of their legal status are some of the Ortega-Murillo government’s strategies to silence the human rights defenders

After the April Rebellion: There is a way out

What is the “normality” of a totalitarian dictatorship? The regime's internal fissures and public servants, civilian and military

HRW Director: Ortega realized that “he doesn’t have popular support”

Kenneth Roth points out that dictatorships are increasingly “threatened” and assures that in Nicaragua “zombie” elections were held

Ortega as seen by governments that violate human rights

Daughter of political prisoner dedicates graduation to her mother

Attorney Maria Oviedo was kidnapped by the regime due to her role as a human rights defender

Nicaragua’s HR Office Urged “Not to Be Complicit”

President of the Central American Council of Human Rights Attorneys and Advocates calls on her Nicaraguan colleagues to respond to the regime’s repress

Victoria Cardenas and Berta Valle: “There can be no elections with a kidnapped opposition”

“Our position, as opposition, should really be to tell the regime that we are not willing to play their game,” said Maradiaga's wife

UN Rapporteur Calls on Ortega to Allow Peaceful Assembly

UN rapporteur and Inter-American Commission for Human Rights warn of the negative impact of restrictions on Nicaraguans’ political rights

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