Impasse between Ortega and the OAS sends a “bad signal”


The government restricted the OAS mission to only meeting with “parties inscribed in the municipal elections.”

Nicaragua’s Sexual Abuse Epidemic Devastates Young Girls

Abuso sexual, niñas, violencia sexual contra mujeres

Survivors of child sexual abuse speak out. “I don’t want this to happen to other girls.”

The Nica Act Isn’t Our Solution


It’s not the United States’ job to light the candles for the funeral procession. It’s our job.

Undocumented Nicaraguans: “We immigrants had our hopes on Hillary”


Married to a citizen, he hopes to legalize his situation. “There’s a lot of paranoia,” he says

Undocumented Nicaraguans in the USA: Fear and Paranoia

Dánae Vílchez

First of three segments about the hopes and fears of undocumented Nicaraguans under the government of Donald Trump.

Moringa in Nicaragua: The Miracle Tree

Maynor Salazar

Nicaragua is beginning to industrialize the production of Moringa as a nutritional supplement

US Legislators Toughen the “Nica Act”

Arlen Cerda

This new version of the “Nica Act” omits the agreement between the Ortega government and the OAS.

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