Costa Rican Foreign Minister on the Nicaragua Refugee Crisis

Services are overwhelmed, but the Presidency does not decree a humanitarian emergency. They investigate death of a Nicaraguan.

Weaving our Criticisms with Respect, not Barbed Wire

It’s not by fencing off criticism with barbed wire that we’ll manage to construct a democratic Nicaragua.

Daniel Ortega’s Lies about Nicaragua to the International Press

Interview with Max Blumenthal was a lament by Daniel Ortega against the Nica Act and individual sanctions.

“Many Invaders of Nicaragua’s Indigenous Lands are Army Veterans”

“The Army has said they have no high-level order to protect the communities,” she denounces.

Nicaragua’s Civic Alliance Announces Organizational Changes

Edwin Carcache and Medardo Mairena return as full members and Carlos Tunnermann will be the coordinator.

The Great Nicaragua Canal Scam

The promise to resurrect the dead interoceanic canal project confirms the decline of the regime, when the post-Ortega era is already beginning.

Rural Residents Threatened as Ortega Revives Nicaragua Canal Promise

Nevertheless, Mairena insisted: “Such a project has never existed; what has existed is the intention of stealing our lands.”

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