Fired public servants: There are hostages of Daniel Ortega in the State

Public servants report harassment and reprisals, and demand the re-establishment of the free exercise of their functions

Nicaragua’s Journalism Survives in Exile

Carlos F. Chamorro

In Nicaragua, the only traitors and Coup plotters are the ones residing in Ortega-Murillo residence / offices of El Carmen in Managua.

Jailed Opposition Leaders Denied Legal Representation

Ivette Munguía

Lawyers chosen by relatives of those in jail are “annulled” by the courts and are now being threatened and told to abandon these cases

Nicaragua: The Dictatorship Burns its Bridges

Rubén Aguilar

Ortega and his wife aren’t going to change or cede anything until after the elections, where they’ll be reelected for another five years.

Nicaraguan Journalist Julio Lopez, Goes into Exile

Ana Lucía Cruz

The journalist from Onda Local radio said he had to go into exile after learning that his work was subject to being criminalized.

Ortega’s Police Detain Pedro Joaquin Chamorro Barrios

Chamorro Barrios is the 21st detainee in the latest repressive wave of the Ortega-Murillo regime that criminalizes opponents.

Inter-American HR Court Orders Nicaragua to Free Dissidents

The International Tribunal believes the Ortega government must adopt the necessary measures to protect the lives and liberty of those detained

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