Medical Attention Demanded for Political Prisoner from Ometepe

Yader Luna

The 67-year-old is on a ventilator after suffering a stroke and receiving late assistance

The Sequeira Brothers: in Prison for “Not Working with the Party”

Sequiera Brothers
Ana Lucía Cruz

Angel and Jose Sequeira Zamora were persecuted for making blue and white accessories and for participating in the protests against Daniel Ortega

Violence increases in Nicaragua due to paramilitaries and release of common criminals

elecciones en Nicaragua

Weekly News Report: less citizen security in the first semester of 2020, more arbitrary arrests, and an emotional funeral in the city of Jinotega

In Nicaragua, Flying the National Flag Is a Crime


Police attack a merchant and steal a roll of Nicaraguan flags on the eve of national holidays; others choose to discontinue sales

Reopening a business in Nicaragua, 100 days after closing due to Covid-19

Yader Luna

Small businesses have ran out of capital and have laid off some of their workers. Now, they are trying to survive with less demand

Maria Esther Lopez: “The queen of Nicaraguan flavor”

Cindy Regidor

Over 100,000 YouTube subscribers follow the cooking indications on Maria Esther Lopez’ program, “My seasoning”.

Nicaragua’s Schools Test Teacher Loyalty to Ortega

Cindy Regidor

The teachers are subject to outside control and forced to follow the Ministry of Education’s orders to increase school attendance, despite the increase

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