What Must We Do to Combat Xenophobia Against Nicaraguans in Costa Rica?

Xenophobia against Nicaraguans
Cindy Regidor

The Coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated hostility towards Nicaraguan migrants in Costa Rica. Two experts explain why, and how to counteract it.

Nicolas Maduro’s “New Order” in Venezuela

Nicolas Maduro
Héctor Schamis

Time is the implacable enemy of power and this regime has passed its expiration date. “Twenty years is nothing” is only a good tango lyric by Gardel

Baseball First, Health Second in Ortega’s Nicaragua

5000 fans in stadium
Yader Luna

They will allow 5000 fans in the semifinal and finals games of this year’s First Division Baseball League: “Measures will be taken to avoid crowds"

“Exile Made Me Fall in Love Again with Nicaraguan Food”

Nicaraguan food
Joel Herrera

La Lupa interviewed Sandra Centeno an exiled Nicaraguan in Mexico who has become an expert on the cuisine of her native land.

Dr. Alonso: “There Was No Way to Stop My Father”

Magda Alonso
Ivette Munguía

Dr. Perez: The death of these doctors “isn’t a number or a statistic. We’re losing valuable human beings.”

Ortega Unmoved by Nicaraguans Stranded in Cayman Islands and on Cruise Ships

Nicaraguans in Cayman Island
Elmer Rivas

Repatriation flights cancelled without justification and cruise lines are asked to “pay for the Managua airport’s operating costs”

Images of Managua at Night under Covid-19

managua under covid-19
Nayira Valenzuela

Bars, fried food stands and even religious services continue without interruptions in the capital, despite the pandemic. Drive-in cinema was revive

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