The Nicaraguan doctor Darwin Jiménez is fighting for his life in Mexico

Darwin Jiménez, médico nicaragüense en México

After Darwin Jiménez got infected with Covid-19, a germ made his recovery complicated. His parents cling to a miracle

Nicaragua: Repressive Laws Set for October 13 Approval

Repressive Laws
Ivette Munguía

The National Assembly will discuss the new laws beginning October 13. The proposed bills retain their original language with no substantive changes.

Ortega Executed their Children, Deep Scars Remain

Nayira Valenzuela

They demand and end to the ‘good-old-boy’ politics and called to redouble peaceful resistance and guarantee true unity

“El Faro” of El Salvador Denounces Bukele’s Harassment

Bukele’s Harassment

“What the President says is false,” declares the director of “El Faro”. He warns that the attacks of Nayib Bukele, could extend to illegal arrests.

Women (de)stabilizing to Forge New Political Paths in Nicaragua

Ana Lucía Álvarez

Women assume new leadership roles after the April 2018 Rebellion in Nicaragua

Daniel Ortega’s Offensive to Crush Freedom of Speech

cibercensura en Nicaragua, freedom of speech
Uriel Pineda

The change in the regime's criminal policy is more a reflection of its fears and weaknesses, than its repressive spirit

What has happened with the former journalists of El Nuevo Diario?

Nayira Valenzuela

A year after its closing, those who worked in one of Nicaragua's oldest newspapers have gone through unemployment, migration and entrepreneurship

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