Managua Archdiocese Warns about “Dubious Proposed Laws”

Managua Archdiocese

They call to guarantee elections in "conditions", and show concern about the increase of violence levels in Nicaragua

Nicaragua Adopts the Cuban – Venezuelan Model

Cuban and Venezuelan model
Carlos F. Chamorro

The approval of the combo of punitive laws represents the prelude to the total closure of the electoral space in 2021

Ortega Murillo Regime Continues to Harass the Rama-Kriol Authorities

Cindy Regidor

“The only one giving orders here is Daniel Ortega,” they repeated. Arbitrary detention and harassment is a daily reality for the Rama Kriol Territorial

Political Prisoners with Sewn Mouths Moved to Maximum Security Cells

political prisoners
Ivette Munguía

Relatives and human rights defenders don’t know the health condition of inmates on hunger strike

The Lies That Infected Trump

Jeffrey Sachs

Like other world leaders who have contracted COVID-19, Trump could easily have avoided being infected by observing normal public-health strictures

Deforestation has intensified in Nicaragua. Who is to blame?

After a brutal crackdown on dissent in 2018, there's been an increase in the deforestation of Nicaraguan forests. Local conflict has also intensified

Three political prisoners sew their mouths shut in demand for freedom

Today's news report: a new way of protest within jails; unemployment worries Nicaraguans more than Covi-19, and a follow-up on the Civic Alliance

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