Ortega’s Offensive Against Former Political Prisoners

The former political prisoner Lenin Salablanca denounces “arbitrary” detention and opponent Brayan Cornejo faces a new accusation

Nicaragua lost a decade of progress. Poverty increased to 44.4%

Weekly news report: Nicaragua is as poor as in 2010, according to Fideg. Also, the regime has intensified the repression against opponents

Nicolás Maduro “Wins” Pseudo Election in Venezuela

  • Havana Times
  •  7 de diciembre 2020

The taking of the country’s only opposition-controlled State institution “officially” gives Maduro dictatorial powers

The December 6th Elections in Venezuela

The Chavistas organized this election to take control of the legislature. Up until now, it’s the only branch of power that has evaded their domination.

Nicaragua’s Slippery Unity

Whoever aspires to govern this country will have to govern for everyone, no matter what their political colors.

International NGO Sues Ortega Regime for Violating Journalists’ Rights

On behalf of journalists of Radio Dario, Confidencial and Esta Semana, 100% Noticias, and La Costenisima.

Hurricanes Expose the North Caribbean of Nicaragua to Covid-19

Doctors warn that Eta and Iota paved the way for an outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in indigenous lands.

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