Gaddafi’s Nephew: Ortega Treats “Traitors” with “Mercy”

Muhammad Lasthar, with the rank of minister, justifies the new wave of repression, which has left 21 jailed in June.

Nicaragua: Past Dreams, Today’s Nightmare

I never imagined then that I would sign an open letter condemning the authoritarian turn taken by the government of President Daniel Ortega

Miguel Mendoza’s criticism made the regime uncomfortable. Now he’s in jail

Minutes before being arrested, the journalist retweeted Carlos F. Chamorro’s warning of a raid against his house

Nicaragua: Rosario Murillo’s Unyielding Hatred

The script for the drama unfolding in Nicaragua has everything: surrealism, satire, farce and tragedy. The title I’d suggest would be “Taboo”

Fired public servants: There are hostages of Daniel Ortega in the State

Public servants report harassment and reprisals, and demand the re-establishment of the free exercise of their functions

Nicaragua’s Journalism Survives in Exile

In Nicaragua, the only traitors and Coup plotters are the ones residing in Ortega-Murillo residence / offices of El Carmen in Managua.

Jailed Opposition Leaders Denied Legal Representation

Lawyers chosen by relatives of those in jail are “annulled” by the courts and are now being threatened and told to abandon these cases

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