Power in Peer-to-Peer Protest Education

Amnesty, Peer-to-Peer, Protest Education
  • Kyra J. Colbert
  •  20 de agosto 2020

Horizontal knowledge transfer will play a critical role in the political movements of this period

My Life to the Rhythm of Zoom

Gioconda Belli

I yearn for a return to the days of community. I hope that the virtual world will stop being the only permitted human contact

The Civic Alliance and the National Unity Must Change Course

national unity
Enrique Sáenz

The crisis of the National Coalition, is it time to turn off the lights and pick-up the bats?

Opposition Organizations Warn of New Wave of Arrests in Nicaragua

Wave of Arrests
Ana Lucía Cruz

Released prisoners and relatives of those still imprisoned demand concrete action from the opposition to achieve the freedom of the abducted protesters

Nicaragua and the Myth of the Mestizo Nation

Mestizo Nation
Fátima Villalta

Races don't exist, and there isn't genetic or scientific basis to believe that skin color makes any key difference

A second wave of Covid-19 could kill about 500 people in Nicaragua

contagios de covid-19 en Nicaragua

Weekly News Report: the impact of a second outbreak of Covid-19, threats against a journalist from Bluefields, the crisis within the National Coalition

The Cracks in Belarus’s Regime Are Multiplying

Belarus protest
  • Sławomir Sierakowski | Project Syndicate
  •  17 de agosto 2020

The authorities of Belarus didn't intervene to disolve a protest of thousands of people, instead, the soldiers set down their shields

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