FSLN imposes “Foreign Agents” Law and gives the green light to Internet censorship

Law to Further Control

Today's news report: the implications of Ortega's "foreign agents" law, Nicaragua's economic downfall, and a follow-up on international sanctions

What’s at Stake in Sunday’s Elections in Bolivia

Daniel Zovatto

The latest polls agree that a second round is probable, although they also don’t discount a first-round victory for the MAS party

Ortega Tries to Show with Punitive Laws that “He Is Strong and Doesn’t Accept Pressure”

Vladimir Vásquez

European legislators prepare to expand sanctions directly gainst Ortega and Murillo. They foresee repercussions at the OAS session on October 20-21

Ortega-Dominated Legislature Passes “Foreign Agents Law”

Vladimir Vásquez

With 70 votes in favor, and 17 opposed, the Sandinista deputies approved a law that segregates Nicaraguans into two groups.

How I Got Covid-19: Community Spread in Nicaragua

Yader Luna

“I was very careful, but even so I ended up bringing COVID-19 into my workplace,” says one Nicaraguan. She believes she infected five of her workmates.

Ortega Regime Hides 6,000 Covid-19 Related Deaths

Nicaragua ranks as the Central American country with the most deaths linked to the pandemic, although the Government only admits 153

Taking Venezuela’s Human-Rights Crisis Seriously

  • Marta Valinas, Francisco Cox Vial, Paul Seils
  •  14 de octubre 2020

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s regime has committed large-scale human-rights violations, some of which amount to crimes against humanity.

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