Uriel Pineda: Daniel Ortega Wants “Fascist Style” Control

Gag Law, Fascist Style, fsln en el poder

The Ortega-Murillo regime believes they are geared to promote self-censorship among the population

OAS Gives Daniel Ortega until May 2021 for Electoral Reforms

Yader Luna

With 20 votes in favor, 2 against and 12 abstentions, the OAS demands guarantees for “free and fair elections”

Letter from Ukraine: What it takes to be a mother with disabilities

  • Olesa Bida / Anastasia Vlasova
  •  21 de octubre 2020

We dive into the stories of three Ukrainian women with disabilities on pregnancy, maternity leave, and raising children in Ukraine

Dr. Ciro Ugarte of the PAHO: “Nicaragua’s Increased Mortality is from COVID-19

Carlos F. Chamorro

Dr. Ciro Ugarte of the PAHO: "We have the expertise and the capability to perform an audit. We hope Nicaragua will accept this mission for evaluation"

Jailers Punish Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike

Yader Luna

Facing threats and repression from prison authorities, they have adopted a phased hunger strike; fear of denouncing their situation grows among relativ

What to Expect from the OAS General Assembly?

Enrique Sáenz

Ortega only understands the correlation of forces. He’ll negotiate only when he finds himself up to his neck in water, inside or outside the OAS.

Sometimes, those who go into exile are not considered citizens

  • Victor Rodriguez
  •  19 de octubre 2020

How can you be a natural citizen, and at the same time a non-legal resident of the same country? That's what happened to my brother in Uruguay

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