RENACER Act of the US Senate Expands Causes to Sanction Ortega’s Abettors

More supervision over the IDB, WB, and IMF, and they will sanction those who “obstruct the realization of free and transparent elections” in Nicaragua

Brooklyn Rivera of Yatama: “We Can’t Be Afraid”

Discontent and abandonment on Nicaragua’s Caribbean region fed into Yatama’s march in Bilwi. The march was held despite the police siege

Nicaragua’s Political Challenge for 2021

Some brief observations of the economy, the political culture and the short-term tendencies

Costa Rica Reopens for Tourists from anywhere Except Nicaragua

Costa Rica’s land borders are set to open on April 5th. However, tourist visas won’t be available in Nicaragua until at least April 30th.

Costa Rica to Reopen its Land Borders April 5th

Tourists coming from Nicaragua will be able to enter Costa Rican territory through the Peñas Blancas border station. Here are the entry requirements

UN Demands Ortega Approve Urgent Electoral Reforms in Nicaragua

The resolution passed also condemns repression, violent attacks, repeated acts of intimidation and demands the release of political prisoners.

Ortega’s Lie and the Human Tragedy of COVID-19

The politics of denial and negligence fostered the spread of COVID-19. The virus caused the death of countless Nicaraguans in the pandemic’s first year

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