The Ortega-Murillo Regime’s Cycle of Vengeance and Reprisals

Every international sanction imposed on top Ortega officials is followed by an increase in repressive acts against the country’s own citizens

FSLN Abandons International Forum of Political Parties to Avoid Endorsing Democratic Principles

Violations of human rights in Nicaragua are “inadmissible;” sovereignty and self-determination are only “pretexts,” assures the COPPPAL president

United States Cancels Visas for 19 More Nicaraguan Officials including electoral officials and leaders of allied political parties

The officials were sanctioned for helping Ortega and Murillo to "attack" democracy in the country

Oxfam: “Our Projects Benefited over 129,000 Nicaraguans”

Simon Ticehurst, Oxfam director for Latin America, affirmed that the Interior Ministry had refused to receive “all the papers they asked for”

A “Backpack” with 20 Years of Journalism Experience

A commitment to report from abroad and document what is happening in Nicaragua, despite the persecution against the press.

Feminists Call Attention to “Dire” Situation of Ortega’s Political Prisoners

They call on the international community “to condemn the different manifestations of repression in Nicaragua.”

Ortega Regime Cancels Legal Status of 15 More NGOs

Forty-five national and international NGOs have been officially dissolved by the regime in the last month.

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