Cartoonist Pedro X. Molina wins the Gabo 2021 Recognition of Excellence Award

pedro molina, Gabo Award

CONFIDENCIAL cartoonist is the first illustrator to receive the “Recognition of Excellence” Gabo Award

Sergio Ramírez: “In Nicaragua we have underground journalism once again, now through social networks”

Sergio Ramirez

During his speech at the IAPA Assembly, he defended the value of “words that cut like a knife,” which are what “dictatorships fear.”

A roadmap to restore democracy in Nicaragua?

restore democracy in Nicaragua, April rebelion, democratic way out

The solution to the crisis is in Managua, not in Washington or Brussels, but Nicaraguans first need to fully regain their freedom.

Luis Haug: “FSLN is at its lowest point in the last 30 years”

Director of CID-Gallup analyzes Ortega’s plunge in September poll: political repression takes its toll on the FSLN

OAS demands an election with “credible” observation in Nicaragua with 26 votes

The results of the November 7th vote will be “assessed” at the OAS General Assembly, set for November 10.

Keys to understanding why Nicaragua is lagging behind in vaccination efforts

5.3 million doses would be needed to vaccinate 40% of Nicaragua’s eligible population. At present, less than 5% of Nicaraguans are fully vaccinated.

Crisis Group: International community must send “strong messages” to Ortega

Analyst Tiziano Breda believes Ortega will only yield to dialogue with coordinated national and international pressure after 7 November

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