The Silent Mourning of Health Staff in Nicaragua

Cindy Regidor

Colleague of deceased nurse: “It is sad that the work of so many people who fought is not recognized. That such recognition is not given.”

Waiting for the New Year with Riot Police at the Door

Cinthya Torrez

Karen Lacayo, sister of political prisoner Edward Lacayo, reports that the police do not allow her or her mother to leave the house

Ortega’s “Gag Law” Takes Effect in Nicaragua


The law is a threat to freedom of the press. It criminalizes investigative journalism and gives a green light to surveillance of private communications

Russia Applies its Version of a “Foreign Agents” Law


Five Activists and journalists are the first victims of the legislation. Those included in the list are all critics of President Vladimir Putin

Covid-19 a Hard Blow to Nicaraguan Migrants

Cindy Regidor

The pandemic has left many migrants unemployed and vulnerable to exploitation. Hundreds were left stranded in other countries or at the borders.

Nicaragua: Pictures that Tell the Story of a Sad Year

Nayira Valenzuela

The most shocking and representative images of 2020 in Nicaragua are linked to the pandemic, the de facto police state, and hurricanes

Reviewing the Year of the Pandemic in Nicaragua

Cinthya Torrez

The Ortega regime politicized the Covid-19 public health crisis. They consistently refuse to provide trustworthy and verifiable information.

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