Covid-19 outbreak hits health personnel in Nicaragua the most

Independent organizations report more than 200 infections in the health sector and more than 14 deaths in the last three months

Teachers under surveillance, dismissed and harassed denounce political pressures from the Ministry of Education

More 140 teachers have been fired since 2018; some have gone into exile in the face of the harassment: “I didn’t have a life there,” said one teacher

The lethal blow to the companies owned by the “family”, sanctioned by the US

Albanisa, BanCorp, DNP-Petronic, Caruna, Inversiones Zanzíbar, Difuso, El Goliat, Syditek.

European Deputies Urge More Sanctions on Ortega Regime

Juan Carlos Bow

Ortega Orders Night Raids, Arrests Student & Farm Leaders

Ivette Munguía

The students Lesther Aleman and Max Jerez, and the rural leaders Medardo Mairena, Pedro Mena, Freddy Navas and Pablo Morales join “electoral hostages”

Nicaragua: The Fear Is Mutual

Gioconda Belli

This regime has us under so much repression because it’s possessed by fear of its own people

More Nicaraguans Choose Exile: The Political Violence Makes More People Flee the Country

Cinthya Torrez

Susana Lopez of the “April mothers”, released prisoner Lenin Salablanca, and Karen Lacayo explain why they went into exile.

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