Rodrigo Chaves takes office and promises to “order and rebuild” Costa Rica

He was accompanied by the King of Spain, the presidents of Colombia, Panama, and the Dominican Republic, among other guests

Manuel Orozco: “Nicaragua has become an outlaw state in impunity”

Orozco explains the keys to the failed rapprochement of the Ortegas with the US and the strategy of international pressure on the regime

Ortega orders “unity” from FSLN militants

The Party reminds the Electoral Victory Units that its mission is to "conquer the neighborhood vote" ahead of upcoming municipal elections

WHO report: Covid deaths vastly underreported in Nicaragua

A global study of excess mortality shows that in Nicaragua there were 55 times more deaths from the coronavirus than those admitted by the regime

Human rights defenders resist the regime’s onslaught

Threats, jail, exile, and annulment of their legal status are some of the Ortega-Murillo government’s strategies to silence the human rights defenders

Central American Bank offers loans to Nicaraguan businesses

The business executives met with bank officials, the Finance Minister, the President of the Nicaraguan Central Bank, and the Banking Superintendent

Iran promises fuel and to “neutralize aggression” on Ortega

The Oil Minister condemns “interventionism” and maintains that Iran will study completing the aborted Nicaraguan refinery promised by Venezuela

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