Rosario Murillo Accuses Opposition Candidates of being Linked to “Organized Crime”

Ana Lucía Cruz

The Nicaraguan Vice President also accused opponents who aspire to the Presidency of being “thugs,” “criminals” and “terrorists.”

Nicaraguan Police Kidnapped the Former Accountant and Finance Officer of the Violeta Barrios Chamorro Foundation

Cristiana Chamorro denounces a “dark” plan in the context of the investigation of alleged laundering. “It is Ortega’s revenge for my mother’s legacy.”

Police “Pressure” Journalists Summoned by the Prosecutor

Jose Adan Silva, was chased and detained by officers and paramilitaries, after attending the Public Ministry.

Power, journalism and citizenry in Nicaragua

As media outlets, we must be accountable to our audiences, empowering them through participation in decision making

Veronica Chavez: The Public Prosecutor “Criminalizes” Reporting Unfavorable to the Regime

The Attorney General’s office still hasn’t investigated the Sandinista party militants who attacked journalist Chavez with rocks in October 2020

The Ortega Regime “Investigates” Cristiana Chamorro for Funds They Themselves Authorized

Ivette Munguía

The Attorney General still hasn’t confirmed whether or not they’re filing charges against Cristiana Chamorro, ex-president of the Foundation

Attorney General Threatens Journalists with “Indictment” Because they Requested Their Lawyers’ Presence

The communicators María Lilly Delgado, Lourdes Arróliga and Guillermo Medrano protected themselves in their constitutional right not to declare

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