Fifteen US senators request sanctions against Daniel Ortega

The initiative is led by Senator Bob Menendez, who was joined by other Republican and Democratic colleagues.

Nicaraguan farmers demand OAS reject the elections

“We ask them not to recognize the results of this electoral farce,” was the message of a demonstration held at the OAS headquarters in Costa Rica.

Family members of Ortega’s political prisoners battle despair

Sick, blocked from leaving the country, and filled with anguish, the political prisoners’ loved once confront a harsh reality in silence

New Fortress Energy builds gas plant, risks involvement with sanctioned parties

In a report, they warn their regulator and their shareholders that they are at risk of further legal scrutiny

MINSA invests $763,000 in questionable “Covid medicines”

“Covid contracts” reveal that the Government spent US $763,051 on the purchase of the questioned medicines Ivermectin, Colchicine, Simvastatin

Tifani Roberts: Ortega “directs” repression against journalists’ families

Univision correspondent Tifani Roberts, together with the owner of Radio Dario, explain the necessary new practice: “anonymous journalism of resistance

Ryan Berg: “The RENACER Act depends on the political will of Congress and Biden”

Collective or individual sanctions are being considered, but Biden failed to mention Nicaragua in list of dictatorships at the United Nations

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