Daniel Ortega’s Trio of Punitive Laws Crowned by Life Imprisonment

Ivette Munguía

The possibility of life imprisonment was legalized for hate crimes, a term that remains legally undefined


Jeffrey Sachs

Trump’s departure is an opportunity for a new beginning, not only in the deeply-wounded United States, but in multiethnic societies everywhere

Edgar Tijerino: “I Could Do the Program of November 8th Today”

Nayira Valenzuela

Sports commentator presents his book “Pongale sello”, in which he assembles commentaries and anecdotes of the 40 years of the Doble Play program

Nicaraguans Besieged: “The Police Scare Away Customers”

Juan Carlos Bow

Opponents face unemployment or economic losses in their businesses, due to continual harassment from the police and paramilitary.

Relatives of former political prisoner: “I was given a small pile of bones”

Ivette Munguía

Family members of former political prisoner from Ometepe, Justo Rodriguez, explain how he was attacked by police, and demand justice

Five aspiring presidential candidates bid to unite Nicaragua’s opposition

Today's news report: five aspiring presidential candidates; there are signs of a covid-19 second wave; and Copa resumes flights to Nicaragua

Trump and Latin America

Rafael Rojas

The four years of the chaotic and terrible Trump government adopted a posture that revived the worst of Cold War anti-communism.

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