Daniel Ortega talks about elections, but remains silent about electoral reforms

general elections, reforms
Ivette Munguía

The president called for "a great national dialogue" after the general elections, and prescribed life imprisonment for alleged terrorists

Covid-19 infections continue to increase in Nicaragua

Today's News Report: Covid-19 infections and hospitalizations continue to increase; budget cuts as retaliations; and requirements for a new dialogue

Prospects for Biden’s Policies Towards Ortega & Cuba

Ana Lucía Cruz

Daniel Ortega and Joe Biden Seasoned political scientist Richard Feinstein believes that under the Biden administration, sanctions against the Ortega

Nicaragua Needs International Mediation

Ramón Jáuregui

Who ensures the conditions of the pre-electoral agreement? How do we avoid the risk that the Government does not facilitate electoral reform?

The aspiring presidential candidates to lead the political opposition in Nicaragua

Yader Luna

During an electoral year, under a police state and without electoral reforms, six opponents are profiled as presidential candidates in our country

Cosep: Dialogue with Daniel Ortega Only If Agreements Are Met

Iván Olivares

Michael Healy: Cosep won’t negotiate on economic issues without reforms endorsed by national political leaders, the OAS and the EU.

Sergio Beteta’s Message: Don’t Abandon Us Political Prisoners

Sergio Beteta burned an FSLN flag and the Police accuse him of carrying drugs and weapons in a backpack

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