Salvador Allende’s Chilean Road to Socialism 50 Years On

Rafael Rojas

The key to the “Chilean road to Socialism” was the implementation of far-reaching social reforms without abandoning the constitutional framework.

Back-to-School in Nicaragua Amid Covid-19 Resurgence

Yader Luna

The government isn’t helping “to spread awareness”. Nor are they providing “logistical help” to avoid the spread of COVID-19

Hit and Run: A Sadistic Plot of the Ortega Dictatorship

Enrique Sáenz

Political prisoner Carlos Bonilla served his jail sentence. Immediately an executioner judge prosecuted him for drug-trafficking.

Opposition members in Nicaragua: “We are prisoners in our homes”

Yader Luna

Police officers, civilians and paramilitaries prevent the free mobilization of opposition members, violating constitutional rights

Political Prisoner Awaiting Release Suddenly Accused of New Crimes

Carlos alberto Bonilla, Political Prisoner Carlos Bonilla, Carlos Bonilla
Ivette Munguía

District Attorney’s office now accuses of trafficking drugs in prison. Since his arrival in prison has remained is isolated in a maximum security cell

Daniel Ortega talks about elections, but remains silent about electoral reforms

general elections, reforms
Ivette Munguía

The president called for "a great national dialogue" after the general elections, and prescribed life imprisonment for alleged terrorists

Covid-19 infections continue to increase in Nicaragua

Today's News Report: Covid-19 infections and hospitalizations continue to increase; budget cuts as retaliations; and requirements for a new dialogue

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