Relatives of political prisoners fear “political vengeance”

Political prisoners’ relatives call on the international community to remain alert for possible consequences of Daniel Ortega’s tirade

Daniel Ortega, the “most popular” president in the Americas

Daniel Ortega like Nicolas Maduro come from the Ñico López School in Havana where the future puppets of the Cuban dictatorship are made.

Building democratic alternatives is more important than sanctioning the dictatorship

Alternative democratic institutions are powerful mechanisms of civil resistance or nonviolent struggle against repressive regimes

Spain rejects “fraudulent” elections: they were “a mockery”

Ortega's repressive system is denounced and the release of all political prisoners and the annulment of trials is demanded

US President Joe Biden: the Nicaraguan election was a “pantomime”

The US President says his government will use economic and diplomatic tools to hold Ortega accountable, in conjunction with the international community

Almagro recommends annulling “illegitimate” elections in Nicaragua

Meanwhile, a group of US senators demands the use of all diplomatic and economic tools against the regime in Nicaragua.

Abstentionists: “Voting would have been a stain on my conscience”

A large percentage of Nicaraguans stayed home Sunday to protest the electoral farce without competition. These are their reasons.

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