The “Model” of Corruption and Impunity in Nicaragua

Carlos F. Chamorro

The winds of change are blowing from the Biden administration, in favor of the fight against corruption and impunity in Central America.

Deadly Invasions Persist in Nicaraguan Indigenous Lands

Ana Lucía Cruz

The bloody toll of the invasion of squatters, from April 2018 to date: 17 Mayangna and Miskito indigenous have been killed. No one has been arrested

Why PEN Nicaragua Suspends Operations

Gioconda Belli

The State demands that we register as “foreign agents” and none of us, writers committed to freedom, accept this imposition.

Siege of Ortega Opponents in Somoto, Nicaragua

Juan Carlos Bow

Four “Somotenos” under de facto house arrest; others under surveillance and harassed. The siege has increase since the arrival of a new police chief.

Ortega Backer Accused of Threatening other Nicaraguans in Spain

Ana Lucía Cruz

Jose Rolando Castillo Vanegas was cited to appear before the Madrid Investigative Court on February 2nd. He faces accusations of “Intimidation”.

Ukraine Sanctions Nicaragua over its Consulate in Crimea

The Ukrainian congress has approved “sanctions against certain economic sectors and other restrictions,” on the government of Daniel Ortega

Big Fines Await Whoever Ortega Declares a “Foreign Agent”

NGOs complain that they’ve tried to register as “foreign agents”, but the Ministry of the Interior refuses to accept them.

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