Nicaraguans Receive TPS for Nine More Months


The new extension granted by the United States Government also includes El Salvador, Sudan, Haiti, Honduras and Nepal.

Is Daniel Ortega a World Advocate for Human Rights?

Carlos F. Chamorro

If Ortega would like a reconciliation with the truth, he should suspend the police state and free the political prisoners

Dialogues and Monologues in Cuba

Rafael Rojas

The conflict being vented in Havana is incomprehensible without the frustration left by the past constitutional process.

Influential Democrats ask Biden to Pressure Ortega

Influential Democrats, Política de Joe Biden
  •  8 de diciembre 2020

They say the demand for free and fair elections and respecting human rights should guide the US agenda for Nicaragua policy.

Legal Experts Call Venezuelan Elections “Null and Void”


Attorneys from around the globe belonging to the World Jurist Association denounced the elections as lacking guarantees needed to be considered valid.

Ortega’s Offensive Against Former Political Prisoners

Ana Lucía Cruz

The former political prisoner Lenin Salablanca denounces “arbitrary” detention and opponent Brayan Cornejo faces a new accusation

Nicaragua lost a decade of progress. Poverty increased to 44.4%


Weekly news report: Nicaragua is as poor as in 2010, according to Fideg. Also, the regime has intensified the repression against opponents

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