Manuel Orozco: Daniel Ortega Fears the Emigrant Vote

Ana Lucía Cruz

FSLN won’t guarantee the right of those outside the country to cast absentee ballots. Ortega knows it would reduce his margin of votes in the elections

Nicaraguan Journalist Jacksell Herrera Denounces Persecution

Yader Luna

Police officers handcuff and threaten to imprison journalist Jacksell Herrera, contributor of the “Nicaragua Actual” platform.

Detained Without Charges for up to 90 Days in Nicaragua

Yader Luna

The initiative violates the Constitution and the presumption of innocence. It means, “they can keep you in jail, without accusing you of anything,”

A Renewed Effort to Unite the Nicaraguan Opposition

Ivette Munguía

“Either one of the two parties on the ballot could be the vehicle”. But the Superior Electoral Council could also eliminate either of them

The challenge of using WhatsApp, a platform not designed for media outlets

Moisés Urbina

Despite limitations and the risk of suspension, Whatsapp has facilitated a closer relationship between audiences and media outlets

Nicaraguan media on Facebook and Twitter: allies or competition?

Vladimir Vásquez

Censorship, complaints and advertising are some of the challenges faced by independent media while seeking readers on social networks

From television to YouTube: Nicaraguan media against Ortega’s censorship

Moisés Urbina

Independent media is trying to make space on YouTube after being banned from television by Daniel Ortega's dictatorship

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