Businessman behind Nicaragua Canal says project with Ortega is still on

Wang Jing congratulated Ortega and Murillo for their reelection and affirmed his “faith in the project” he once promised to build, but never began

The dictator is still there

Costa Rica, Chile, the United States, and the European Union did the right thing by not recognizing these elections as legitimate.

Daniel Ortega’s useful hostages

The enormous vulnerability of the majority population, for its part, can be used to slow down or temper international actions.

Nicaragua and the legitimization of authoritarianism

Ortega and Murillo’s behavior personified the electoral tactics of the great Latin American authoritarian figures since the nineteenth century.

OAS votes: Ortega’s reelection “has no legitimacy”

Twenty-five countries, a majority, demanded freedom for Ortega’s political prisoners and to begin application of the Democratic Charter.

Latin American governments reject “mock election” in Nicaragua

Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Panama, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Colombia and Ecuador vow that they will continue to pressure within the OAS.

Chronicle of a massive and premeditated electoral fraud on November 7

To the amount of votes reported in favor of Ortega, the CSE fraud added about one million extra votes

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