“Biden Is Clear about Ortega’s “Authoritarian Nature”

Juan Carlos Bow

“The new administration will accompany the individual sanctions with other strategies. However, “the ball is in Nicaragua’s court.”

Nicaragua’s “Law to Defend the Sanctioned” Takes Force

Vladimir Vásquez

Uncertainty increases for banks, who are awaiting the regulations that would be published in the coming weeks.

United States to Continue Pressuring Ortega for Democratic Reforms

Juan Carlos Bow

Former diplomats feel the latest US State Department press release marks the “approach” the Biden administration plans to follow on Nicaragua.

UN Human Rights Office Sees “Setbacks” in Nicaragua

Ana Lucía Cruz

The Office of the UN High Commissioner indicates lack of compliance with its recommendations, issued 15 months ago to the Nicaraguan Government.

Myanmar Coup: a Metaphor for Post-Truth Politics

Rafael Rojas

The US made Myanmar a symbol of democratization and Obama even went so far as presenting this country as an example for Cuba.

Jail, Threaten & Release: the “Revolving Door” Strategy

The tactic is designed to lessen the “political cost” of the dictatorship’s growing police state.

Nicaragua: “The Police Want to Keep Us Petrified”

Ivette Munguía

The Police abducted the two youth to question them about the Nicaraguan University Alliance (AUN) and threatened to imprison them permanently.

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