Kitty Monterrey invites aspiring presidential candidates to register in CxL Alliance

Carlos F. Chamorro

Registration deadline is extended, but the process for the selection of candidates,which was agreed upon, "is no longer subject to review"

Ortega’s justice system detains former Violeta Barrios Foundation workers for 90 days

On May 29, the Judicial Power issued a press release confirming the detention of two employers of the foundation until August 26th

Peru, Thirty Years On

Rafael Rojas

Today the neoliberal rightwing confronts the leftwing and this leftwing is often neopopulist and conservative.

Daniel Ortega Disqualifies Cristiana Chamorro as a Candidate

Ivette Munguía

The prosecutor accused the presidential candidate without evidence, ordered immigration restrictions and disqualified her from running for office.

OAS Deadline to Ortega for Fair Elections Expires

Ana Lucía Cruz

Instead of taking the resolution into account, the Ortega regime promoted tailor-made reforms to further control the elections

Maria Lilly Delgado: “Educating Journalists Isn’t a Crime”

The journalist explains that her relationship with the Violeta Barrios de Chamorro Foundation consisted in offering professional development workshops

The Last Frontier of the Dictatorship Moving Towards Savagery

Silvio Prado

The empire of arbitrary abuses lies just across the border from savagery. The Un-Rule of Law confronts freedom of expression.

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