The Nicaraguan Civic Insurrection and the US policy: An opportunity to change?

Sanctions may weaken the regime, but if they do not restore democratic freedoms, they will not strengthen the pro-democracy movement.

OAS demands restitution of its expropriated offices in Nicaragua

A total of 29 States voted in favor of a resolution condemning the occupation of the OAS headquarters, a violation of diplomatic immunity

Lopez Obrador’s Tour in Central America and Cuba

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is an admirer of Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution, yet he proposes a path to a democratic and capitalist transition

More than 20,000 Nicaraguans request asylum in Costa Rica in the first quarter of 2022

Applications total more than 140,000 since 2018, those approved do not exceed 3% of the total. In 2021 only 215 were approved.

Nicaraguan businessmen: the economic hostages of the dictatorship

The Ortega regime “has no scruples,” and will use any mechanism within their reach to “normalize” the country’s sociopolitical crisis.

What does Daniel Ortega want with Nicaragua?

Daniel Ortega is still holding all the cards in Nicaragua. So dealing with the Nicaragua problem means asking what Daniel Ortega wants.

Xiomara Castro’s first 100 days in the Honduran presidency

Up until now, the new leader has kept four of the 18 promises that made up her agenda. The most outstanding one was the extradition of outgoing preside

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