Cuba: A Protest Is a Protest

Rafael Rojas

Those who took to the streets are victims of the economic, health and political crisis, caused by the US sanctions and the Cuban Government

United States Cancels Visas of Nicaraguan Legislators, Judges and Prosecutors

Octavio Enríquez

A total of 100 regime functionaries and family members were affected. They are accused of furthering the “Ortega-Murillo regime’s assault on democracy”

The Dictatorship’s Future in 2022: a Government with No Legitimacy

Carlos F. Chamorro

The complicity of the ruling leadership: Ministers, deputies, generals, magistrates, mayors, and Sandinista businessmen

European Parliament Calls to Follow the Ortega Money Trail

Juan Carlos Bow

European deputies call on the European Union to broaden sanctions against the presidential couple and their inner circle

Nicaragua: Overcoming Strongmen & Personality Cults

Octavio Enríquez

Nicaragua has been ruled by dictatorships for 40% of its years as an independent republic. Now it’s once more struggling to be free of Ortega

Nicaraguan Gov. Threatens Journalists with “Gag Law”


He called journalists "chattering magpies" dedicated to "singing only malignancies" and publishing "fake news."

“The Freedom of Speech Situation is Extreme in Nicaragua”


Jorge Canahuati pointed out that pressure against the independent media goes way back, but became “a lot more dictatorial in 2018.”

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