Nicaragua Underreports Covid-19 Deaths by 90%+

There’s no updated information in the country to track the pandemic’s course, health expert Carlos Hernandez notes regretfully.

How Nicaraguans Use Social Media

Food first, then politics and citizens’ rights Before April 2018, there was talk of politics, but entertainment was the predominant topic.

Journalist Says Nicaraguan Police “Supported” Her Attacker

Marisol Balladares, radio host on Radio Corporación, denounced a man who tried to “stab” her twice and stole her cell phone.

“Corruption in Nicaragua Building Since 2012”

Research and policy expert from Transparency International, warns of the regime’s appropriation of state powers. There’s no sign of upcoming reforms

Nicaraguan Police Harassment during Easter Week

Ortega’s order is to keep up the police siege of houses in Masaya, Nueva Guinea, Bluefields and Managua, while neglecting citizen security.

Ortega Among “Worst Leaders” During the Pandemic

The list mentions the leader Jair Bolsonaro, from Brazil, and Donald Trump, from the United States, and the Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko.

The Nicaraguan Opposition’s Dilemma: Abstention or Participation

The opposition must see itself in the mirror of the No Coalition in the Chilean plebiscite of 1988, or in the Venezuelan abstention in 2020 and 2005.

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