Jobs lost and jobs reinvented with covid-19

Six stories: A retiree, a tourism worker, an employee at a foreign company, an online worker, a family business, and a barbershop

Nicaragua’s Legislature Promotes a New Electoral Fraud

Ortega deputies and their allies approve Electoral Council magistrates and electoral reforms, which maintain the advantage of the FSLN in elections

Deputy candidates: the opposition’s taboo

National Coalition has not defined a mechanism for the election of candidates, while this subject “has not been discussed” in the Citizens’ Alliance

UN Rapporteur Calls on Ortega to Allow Peaceful Assembly

UN rapporteur and Inter-American Commission for Human Rights warn of the negative impact of restrictions on Nicaraguans’ political rights

The Economist Sees Ortega Clinging to Power

The Analysis Unit of The Economist warns of an increase in social unrest “before and after” the general elections in November

Attacks on the Press Now Routine in Latin America

The attacks are generated by authoritarian governments, to impose “a single narrative”, with no room for criticism

What Threatens Press Freedom Today?

Transparency is the missing ingredient in large media platforms, with everyone in the dark about how algorithms sort people and prioritize messages

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