Ortega’s FSLN Proposes Bogus Electoral Reforms

Sandinista deputies propose an Electoral Law well in synch with the “Foreign Agents Law” and other repressive measures

Rosario Murillo “Centralizes” all Covid-19 Vaccine Information


The vice president, not the Health Ministry, is in charge of all information related to the covid-19 pandemic in Nicaragua

“We Won’t Support a Candidate who Embraces Impunity”

April Mothers

The April Mothers maintain our demands of truth, justice and remembrance. Thus far we have given no support to any of the precandidates

Guillermo Lasso Elected President of Ecuador

The conservative candidate advocated for “unity” and “dialogue” among all Ecuadorians as a formula to solve serious problems

Femicides on the Rise in Nicaragua during 2021

A monitoring by Catholics for the Right to Decide documented 19 femicides and 41 frustrated femicides from January 1 to April 7

Ecuador Decides Today between Arauz and Lasso

  • Havana Times
  •  11 de abril 2021

Ecuadorians are voting today for a new president. The choice couldn’t be more pronounced

Saga of the Abandoned Nicaraguan Boy Continues

Boy’s uncle in Miami says the mother is in the hands of kidnappers in Mexico. Nicaraguan government asks for help from Interpol.

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