OAS Sees Another Electoral Fraud Brewing in Nicaragua

OAS Secretary General states that changes in the Electoral Council “go against the principles and recommendations” of the international community

Expelled from University in Nicaragua, Forced into Exile

  • República 18 | Solange Saballos
  •  7 de mayo 2021

Eliecib Gabo Guzman went from studying two university careers to becoming a political exile in the United States.

Twisted Democracies

Weak governance has resulted in more chaotic politics, mediocre public policies, poor social and economic results, and citizenship

Jobs lost and jobs reinvented with covid-19

Six stories: A retiree, a tourism worker, an employee at a foreign company, an online worker, a family business, and a barbershop

Nicaragua’s Legislature Promotes a New Electoral Fraud

Ortega deputies and their allies approve Electoral Council magistrates and electoral reforms, which maintain the advantage of the FSLN in elections

Deputy candidates: the opposition’s taboo

National Coalition has not defined a mechanism for the election of candidates, while this subject “has not been discussed” in the Citizens’ Alliance

UN Rapporteur Calls on Ortega to Allow Peaceful Assembly

UN rapporteur and Inter-American Commission for Human Rights warn of the negative impact of restrictions on Nicaraguans’ political rights

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