Luis Almagro: “Nicaragua Headed for Worst Possible Election”

The OAS Secretary General believes that the recent electoral reform “is nothing more than a cosmetic change to a deficient legal body.”

Opposition Alliance for Nicaragua Fails to Unite

Representatives of the two major opposition organizations continued their mutual reproaches, without reaching consensus. CxL then registered separately

What Nicaraguans need to know to travel to Costa Rica as tourists

travel to costa rica from nicaragua

A ‘covid test’ result is not necessary to enter Costa Rica, but an insurance that covers medical and lodging expenses is required

Daniel Ortega’s sanctions that hit the Nicaraguan people

The dictatorship has placed a burden on present and future generations with the increase of internal and external public debt.

Is Bukele Wrapping Himself in the Chinese Mantle?

China's interests in Central America grow and it could be the case that Beijing ends up as an ally of Bukele and Ortega, antipodes of the region

Will There Be a Four-Way Election on November 7?

Unity in action around an opposition electoral alliance is the only way to defeat Ortega and dismantle the dictatorship

Nicaraguan Gov. Cancels Residency of Franciscan Priest

Nicaragua’s Immigration office just cancelled the permanent residency of Father Damian Muratori.

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