FSLN Takes 135 City Halls after Local Elections

Ortega’s party will control the 15 departmental capitals of the country. The indigenous party Yatama loses the three city halls it had previously contr

Nicaraguan Human Rights Center: “Conditions for free choice are non-existent”

elecciones municipales

Vilma Nuñez: “Voting will contribute to deepening the violations of the population’s human rights.

Russia Opens Police Training Center in Nicaragua

Security expert criticizes the secrecy surrounding Russia’s aid to the Ortega government.

Nicaraguan Documentary “Heiress of the Wind” to Screen in Amsterdam

  • Franklin Villavicencio
  •  22 de octubre 2017

Gloria Carrion: “The war had a great impact and its effects continue impacting the lives of all Nicaraguans.”

“Ortega’s Gov. Treats Us Like Criminals”

Francisca Ramírez

Rural leader takes part in international event for human rights defenders.

What the “Nica Act” has Already Brought Us

Nica Act

The solution isn’t to be found in the US Congress, but in the Managua neighborhood of El Carmen, where the President and Vice President live.

Matagalpa’s “Elder Mayor”

lista secreta

Ortega and Murillo’s delegate maintains his popular backing despite his transformation from a “close-by and open” mayor to an absentee one

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