A Nicaraguan Businessman at the Top of the Financial World

Henry Fernandez is the head of MSCI, a company with a market value worth 7 billion dollars

Putin’s Illusion of Reform

  • Nina L. Khrushcheva
  •  15 de junio 2016

As the 2018 presidential election approaches, Putin’s façade as the strongman-reformer that Russia needs remains intact

Ortega Buries Democracy in Nicaragua

He’s closed off the competitive opposition’s electoral space, and opened doors only to the minor parties

Nicaragua: When the Political Circle Closes

Ortega legitimizes the right to rebellion and civic protest, as the only way to restore democracy

Springtime for Fascism?

When populists blame the elites, and unpopular ethnic or religious minorities, they sound close to the enemies of liberal democracy in the 1930s

Carter Center calls Ortega’s decision: “An attack on the international community”

U.S. organization laments “the decision to ignore a key component of Nicaragua’s own electoral law.”

A Nicaraguan who Advises Republicans

A commentator for networks such as CNN, ABC and Telemundo, she worked to stop the deportation of thousands of Nicaraguans residing in the US

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