The Dangerous Hate Speech of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo in Nicaragua

Carlos F. Chamorro

The rulers are giving the green light to a fanatical minority. It amounts to permission to insult insult, assault, and even kill.

Roman Gonzalez Lost More than a World Title

Loanny Picado

A large part of the Nicaraguans themselves booed Roman Gonzalez, minutes before the fight started.

What Happened to Haulover, Nicaragua?

Four months after the destruction left by hurricanes, indigenous communities are still suffering the ravages. This documentary shows their reality.

2021 Presidential Elections: There’s no opening for international observation

Moisés Martínez

Observers should be invited six months before the election. Ipade has been confiscated and EyT limited by “foreign agents” law

Nicaragua’s Public Debate on Social Media

Blocked by government censorship, Nicaraguans turn to the Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp platforms to express their views

Police Planted Evidence on Sergio Beteta, Imprisoned for Raising the Flag

Ana Lucía Cruz

Officials showed Beteta the arms and drugs while he was in the infamous “El Chipote” interrogation jail. They told him mockingly: “These are yours now"

The New Feminism in Latin America

Rafael Rojas

What is new about feminism is the rigor of a gender perspective and the intensity of a globalized and connected 21 century youth.

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