Nicaragua: The Historical Memory of the Dictatorship

rosario murillo

All the masks that used to hide the authoritarian face of Ortega and Murillo and his dynastic project have fallen

Hair of the Top Dog

Is there really any more to be said about Donald Trump's hairstyle? Actually, the question of hair in politics might not be as trivial as it seems

Daniel Ortega’s final blow to Parliament

Clauses against “turncoats” used against parliament members elected in 2011 by PLI, which haven’t been used against other members of the legislature

The Real Roots of Populism

Liberal democratic values are once again under siege, and the path paved by Keynes and Roosevelt is still the only way out. We should follow it

Rosario Murillo Has Two Options to Follow Ortega in Nicaragua as President

Ortega will clear up the mystery in the coming days

Urgent plea to stop the invasion of the Indio Maiz Reserve

Forest rangers affirm that the Ecological Battalion of the Army won’t support them on their watch, and that Attorney General Estrada “doesn’t respond”

The Impossible Canal via the Lake of Nicaragua

We need to engage in some sensible reflection about how to assure the rational exploitation and protection of this lake

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