Urgent plea to stop the invasion of the Indio Maiz Reserve

Forest rangers affirm that the Ecological Battalion of the Army won’t support them on their watch, and that Attorney General Estrada “doesn’t respond”

The Impossible Canal via the Lake of Nicaragua

We need to engage in some sensible reflection about how to assure the rational exploitation and protection of this lake

A Nicaraguan Chef in the “Hall of Fame”

Michael Cordúa-Cruz was a pot washer, an economics student and a shipping agent before becoming a chef and entrepreneur

“What Is Daniel Ortega Afraid Of?”

The alternative community activists complain about their arrest, deportation and the theft of their possessions

Closing in on an enigma

We've gone from a relatively clear framework for Ortega's actions to a climate of not only perplexity but also palpable fear and insecurity

Why doesn’t HKND release the McKinsey study?

Its refusal to do so raises reasonable doubts as to whether the study finds the Nicaraguan canal project to be economically feasible.

Costa Rican activist speaks of his 48 hour detention in Nicaragua

Byron Ortiz: It’s a complete abuse of authority because we don’t know why they detained us

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