Ortega Issues Threats and Accuses the Bishops of Plotting a Coup

Lessons Daniel Ortega, Bishops

“Daniel stays!” was the new slogan of the Ortega regime in the plaza, flanked only by Cuba and Venezuela.

The Cuban Foreign Minister’s Inexcusable Support of Ortega

The officials of the Cuban foreign ministry should know that Sandino, like Martí, never fired on his people.

“In the Name of God, I Order You: Stop the Repression!”


“A bishop may die, but the Church of God, that is the people, will never die.”

OAS Resolution Isolates Nicaragua’s Ortega

Only Venezuela and St. Vincent remained in support of the Ortega government.

Nicaragua: Rural Leaders Face Terrorism Charges without Legal Rights

Neither Mairena’s family members nor those of his fellow protester, Pedro Mena, have had any information about the farmers since they were detained on

The Sad Sound of the Marimbas and a Mother Yelling Presente!

Sad Sound of the Marimbas

The moving farewell to Gerald Vazquez, the rebellious dancer from Managua’s National University, rings with his mother’s cries of vindication.

Ortega Launches Massive Attack against Masaya


Death squads besiege the city: hundreds of paramilitaries in “operation clean up”.

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