No Audience with the Pope for Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Moncada

Pope delegated a mid-level official to speak with Moncada, and he sent Ortega a strong message of support for the Nicaraguan Episcopal Conference

Ortega Regime Puts 132 Political Prisoners on Trial

Illegally captured by paramilitaries, taken prisoner and put on trial with no legal guarantees, all for demonstrating against the dictatorship

Defaults Increase on Bank and Micro-credit Loans in Nicaragua

Five thousand signatures back bill that offers payment windows to protect individuals, small and medium businesses, and vendors

The Foreign Relations Challenges Facing Ortega’s “Exhausted” Regime

  • Arlen Cerda
  •  7 de agosto 2018

Arturo Cruz considers it probable that the “Nica Act” and “Magnitsky Nica” will be approved

The Delirious Prosecution Version of the Murder of Brazilian Rayneia Lima

Rayneia Lima

“By coincidence” he was going by the Albanisa office to offer Taekwondo classes to the security guards when he shot at someone he saw as suspicious.

The Battle for Public Opinion in Nicaragua

opinión pública Nicaragua

The battle over public opinion, currently won by the independently organized groups in Nicaragua and lost by Ortega, has begun anew.

Surviving violence and Ortega in Nicaragua

Students of the UNAN
  •  4 de agosto 2018

A Belgian reporter travelling Nicaragua: A mother whose son “El Chino” was killed by snipers during the attack at UNAN and the Divine Mercy church

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