AirBnB: a Hotel in Your Own Home

Nicaraguans rent out rooms, houses or apartments and find lodging in other countries

Castro and Obama’s Key Moment

14yMedio is a media outlet blocked by the regime, but “we’re an island that specializes in opening windows when doors are closed"

Hard choices in Honduras

  • Stephen Kinzer
  •  31 de marzo 2016

We helped create a situation in which a brave woman could be murdered for defending her country’s environment

Brazil’s Political Impasse

Even if Rousseff is impeached, it is far from clear that her successor would have the political support to make the necessary changes

Why Trump?

  • Elizabeth Drew
  •  30 de marzo 2016

The Republican establishment that is now scrambling to block Trump from winning the nomination may be too divided to succeed

Signatures Demand Repeal of Nicaragua Canal Law

The National Council for the Defense of the Land finalized the collection of 6,000 notarized signatures needed to repeal Law #840

Ortega and the Nicaragua – Colombia Row

Respect for the law has only one yardstick. The rule of law must be restored

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