Nicaragua: Ortega’s men in the “Panama Papers”

Alvaro Baltodano and Mohamed Lasthar both registered offshore companies with Mossack Fonseca

Nicaraguan Business Leaders Justify their Offshore Accounts in Panama

“There’s nothing to hide,” they say, alleging that they make use of holding companies to assure security and capital protection

Nicaragua Opposition Names Luis Callejas as their Presidential Candidate

They will participate in the electoral process despite the “loaded dice” in favor of FSLN candidate “Comandante” Ortega

Nicaragua in the Panama Papers

Many businesspeople and companies were involved in the creation of offshore companies and foundations

An Electoral Calendar Tailored to Ortega

Roberto Rivas issues the call to elections and presents his “associates”

The trees of my city

Gioconda Belli’s song ”to the green future of the exiled trees”

From Somoza to Ortega: Manifesto Demands Free Elections in Nicaragua

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