Nicaragua Rejects IACHR Visit, Prefers “Internal Procedures” First

IACHR sets up “Coordination room” to monitor the country’s situation

Nicaragua: truth and justice after the massacre

After sticks, horns and distortion


What a terrible waste of the opportunity to apologize to the Nicaraguan people!

Nicaragua & Dialogue: Beware of the Dagger Hidden Amid the Flowers

gobierno de transición Nicaragua

Convoking a dialogue is nothing more than a game of smoke and mirrors. Up until now it’s the government that’s deciding the conditions.

The Students Speak Up: “Ortega Should Go”

They demand an Independent Truth Commission, punishment for the perpetrators and university autonomy.

Nicaragua After the Massacre

There’s no separating the national clamor for truth, justice and punishment for the guilty from the immediate exit from power of Ortega and Murillo.

Nicaragua Canal Project Dealt New Blow

Chinese magnate Wang Jing’s consortium HKND has abandoned their offices in the highest skyscraper of the financial district.

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