Haulover, a Community Devastated by Eta and Iota

Ivette Munguía

Evacuated inhabitants try to return to their place of origin due to the lack of conditions in the shelters, but they no longer have a house to return

The Way of the Politician in Nicaragua

Enrique Sáenz

Our politicians “way of being” neither falls from the sky nor appears by divine will. We shape it ourselves, day by day.

They Survived Two Hurricanes in a Row, but Their Lives Came to a Halt


“The first hurricane took away the zinc roofing sheets, the second hurricane took everything, it left nothing at all” says a resident of Bilwi

Hurricane Iotta leaves 21 dead and three missing in Nicaragua

Today's news report: two landslides in the same department, government abandons opposition municipalities; IMF provides millions in aid to Nicaragua

The Economist: “Ortega Will Stay in Power Indefinitely”

Vladimir Vásquez

“The Economist” team predicts that Ortega will order new reforms to Social Security in 2022. They foresee growth in the national debt

Online Free Concert with Emerging Nicaraguan Artists

A number of music groups and emerging artists will present a virtual concert and chat on November 26th. The event is sponsored by Project Emerge

Femicides Rise in Nicaragua during 2020

Cindy Regidor

The majority of the victims were from rural areas. Thirty-eight of them were wives, girlfriends, former girlfriends or family members.

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