The economic, political, and social failure of 15 years of dictatorship

On the political level, the most serious facts are the transformation of the army into a personal guard and the seeds of hatred sown among the people.

Pedro Joaquin Chamorro’s legacy and the Ortega dictatorship

The figure reasserting his possession of power, wasn’t a legitimately elected president, but the prison warden who has locked up an entire nation

Daniel Ortega will begin year 15 of his dictatorship, with no guarantee of concluding his term in office

International isolation, the collapse of his political base and deterioration of the economy cast a shadow over the dictator's new mandate

Another grim page in Nicaragua’s history

Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo will be inaugurated to continue being the rulers of a country whose society they have fractured

Exiled Nicaraguans form a National Council, others hold protests

A unity agreement among some exiles was signed to “defeat the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship” and to reject all proposals for dialogue

Letter from Cenidh to delegations attending the Ortega inauguration

“Go out and see the reality.” Many of those killed were young, sometimes even children who were shot with weapons of war

What lies ahead for Ortega’s political prisoners?

The political prisoners will be at the center of public debate in the coming months, along with the resulting sanctions

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