UN Demands Ortega Approve Urgent Electoral Reforms in Nicaragua

Yader Luna

The resolution passed also condemns repression, violent attacks, repeated acts of intimidation and demands the release of political prisoners.

Ortega’s Lie and the Human Tragedy of COVID-19

Carlos F. Chamorro

The politics of denial and negligence fostered the spread of COVID-19. The virus caused the death of countless Nicaraguans in the pandemic’s first year

Nicaragua: The Price of Refusing to Collaborate

Silvia endured persecution and harassment under the Ortega regime. Norway, doesn’t feel she’s in danger since she doesn’t have a high political profile

Nicaraguans Face a New Wave of Repression

Ana Lucía Cruz

More than 40 people denounced harassment, siege, persecution and threats from police and people linked to the Ortega regime

Nicaragua’s Ministry of Celestial Bodies

Rafael Rojas

In Ortega's project, both roots are intertwined, the modernizing of the old socialist Sandinism and the traditionalist of the new caudillista clan

Regime Tries to “Clothe in Legality” their Confiscation of Popol Na

Cinthya Torrez

Former guerrilla leader Mónica Baltodano maintains that “legally” the building doesn’t belong to the government.

Challenges Facing a Potential New Government in Nicaragua

Protesters, New Government in Nicaragua
Guillermo Cortés Domínguez

How to overcome the problems of a dictatorship to democracy transition. Punish criminals. Do justice, not revenge.

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