Nicaraguan opposition calls for abstention on election day

abstention on election day

Jesús Tefel, UNAB member in exile: opposition organizations agree to promote empty the streets on November 7

Fear and lack of information about Cuban vaccines for minors

Vaccination of children from two to 17 years old will begin in the third week of October. Families demand more information

Ramon Jauregui: “Europe won’t recognize results of an electoral farce”

Nicaragua is on the agenda for the upcoming EU foreign affairs council meeting with elections in which there’s no one to vote for and no reason to vote

European Union extends sanctions against Ortega regime for another year

The EU maintians that the Ortega-Murillo government “has eliminated the possibility of any serious electoral competition” in the upcoming vote.

A facelift for Facebook

The free market has never been a free-for-all, yet tech companies have long operated with few constraints on their business models.

The Pandora Papers and the threat to democracy

The “Pandora Papers,” a new investigation led by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, has fueled outrage around the world

Nicaragua: Is there hope amid degradation and decay?

When the personality cult and populism proved insufficient, the regime turned to violence and arbitrary actions to spread fear

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