Daniel Ortega’s coup eliminates electoral competition in Nicaragua

Juan Carlos Bow

Two presidential aspiring candidates were imprisoned and prosecuted, one summoned by the Attorney General's Office and three are exposed to inhibitions

Cristiana Chamorro’s Lawyer Fears a “Secret” Hearing

Ivette Munguía

The presidential candidate has more than 72 hours under house arrest, incommunicado, and is “totally defenseless.”

The “Kidnapping” of Cristiana Chamorro in Nicaragua

Ivette Munguía

Presidential candidate Cristiana Chamorro has been under house arrest, held incommunicado and under strong police surveillance since June 2nd

Ortega Orders Arrest of Presidential Candidate Arturo Cruz

Juan Carlos Bow

Prosecutor’s Office announces that the Police are investigating the former diplomat, based on the Law in Defense of the People

Nicaragua: Civic Resistance & Unity are the Only Way Out

Carlos F. Chamorro

The citizens and candidates representing Nicaragua’s opposition political majority find themselves totally defenseless

Ortega Cements another Electoral Fraud in Nicaragua

Moisés Martínez

Ortega is preparing the ground for an electoral fraud by eliminating competitive candidates and fanning the flames of divisionism among the opposition

Cristiana Chamorro under House Arrest after 5-Hour Raid

Ivette Munguía

The perimeter of the house of the presidential candidate remains surrounded by Daniel Ortega’s Special Operations officers

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