Nicaragua: The Regime Threatens Edwin Carcache to Incriminate the Bishops


According to his lawyer, the young man is in cell number 300, which is narrow, dark and with little space to walk

Granada: the Colonial City Looks Like a Ghost Town


80% of the small hotels have closed, 60,000 jobs have been cut, and the economic losses add up to US $400 million dollars.

The Gabo Festival in Medellin Addresses the Crisis in Nicaragua


Nicaragua Has a New United Front in Opposition to Ortega

Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy, Articulation of Social Movements and Civil Society Organizations and other groups present a “common front”.

Recession in Nicaragua: Massive Layoffs, Small Businesses Close

Recession in Nicaragua

Agricultural production, together with industry and manufacturing, have been greatly affected according to economist Alejandro Arauz.

Nicaragua’s Largest University Reopens amid Protests and Harassment

University Reopens

Some students attended classes forced by their parents or for fear of reprisals. Others have declared themselves in student disobedience.

No Power Can Last Sustained only by Violence


No power endures or is strong or lasting when it is sustained by a bloody repression, and when the people no longer respect or fear it.

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