Confidencial denounces acts of intimidation and espionage

Carlos Fernando Chamorro: the Constitution forbids the Army from practicing political espionage

Nicaragua Has Lost 50% of its Forestland

Less than 2,200,939 hectares of forestland are left of the seven million hectares the country had in 1980.

Bill Sanctioning Nicaragua Passes in US House of Reps

The bill would require the US to oppose any loans to Nicaragua from international organizations

Ortega Grants Political Asylum to Former El Salvador President Funes


This appeal includes his wife Michy Guzman and his three children, aged 34 and 24 years old and a minor

Nicaraguan Protest March in Masaya: “They took away our right to choose”

“If the 15 thousand polling stations remain empty, this will be the greatest rejection,” claims an opposition member who is calling for mass abstention

“They’re making solidarity a crime”

Civil society organizations which work with migrants reject the Ortega Govenment’s military action against of those people who help migrants

The Point Is Not to Build the Canal But to Dream of the Canal

the alluring promise of a canal has already played its part in Ortega’s successful transformation of Nicaragua into a sham, one-party democracy

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