Why doesn’t HKND release the McKinsey study?

Its refusal to do so raises reasonable doubts as to whether the study finds the Nicaraguan canal project to be economically feasible.

Costa Rican activist speaks of his 48 hour detention in Nicaragua

Byron Ortiz: It’s a complete abuse of authority because we don’t know why they detained us

The US and the interoceanic canal in Nicaragua

My brief trip left me with a desire to return under a regime where academics and businessmen alike can be more secure, whether or not there is a canal

Coherence, activism and fear

There is a lot fear in Nicaragua. People are concerned about public disapproval when they are asked to support the LGBT community

Nicaragua Canal Opposition Leader Francisca Ramirez Freed

She was participating in a Mesoamerican project in Nueva Guinea, in southeastern Nicaragua.

“Negative impact on bilateral relations”

“Ambassador Dogu: Expelling these customs officials affects the private sector’s ability to export to the US.”

A British Tragedy in One Act

Many “Leave” voters may not live to regret it. But the young Britons who voted overwhelmingly to remain a part of Europe almost certainly will

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