America’s Berlusconi


The final lesson of Berlusconi is that expressions of admiration for strongmen like Russian President Vladimir Putin should be taken seriously

The Aftermath of the Election Day Abstention Protest

nicas no votan

The challenge lies in transforming the protest expressed by abstention into a new political and social force for democratic change.

When the Revolution Claims Your Uterus

FSLN Distributes 71 Deputy’s Seats, Leaving 21 for the “miskitos”

From this tainted Parliament figures previously accused of corruption such as Byron Jérez will be making the laws.

Nicaragua: Halleslevens to head the National Assembly

Frente Sandinista

n the FSLN electoral sweep, 64 deputies from the official party will maintain control of Parliament with an insignificant presence of deputies from the

Ortega and Murillo are “the losers”

The Supreme Electoral Council’s report inverts the numbers: the 70% abstention rate registered by the opposition becomes a participation rate of 68.2%.

OAS to “make an appearance” at the Nicaragua electoral farce

They’ll meet with experts invited by the government on November 6th

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