Nicaragua: VP Murillo Sweeps Violence against Women Under the Rug

Women’s organizations react with indignation: the femicides are more than a statistic. They criticize the price of promoting a false image of Nicaragua

Having an Abortion in Nicaragua: the Agony of a Decision

Story of a teen mother in Nicaragua, a country where abortion is against the law.

Nicaragua, Haiti and Venezuela Recognized for Losing Corruption Battle

  • Arlen Cerda
  •  23 de febrero 2018

Transparency International presents its 2017 report on corruption

Roberto Rivas’ Little Palace in Madrid


On December 21, 2017, while the US Treasury Department was sanctioning Rivas, the mortgage payment on the 11 million dollar property was registered

Ortega Protects Rivas with an “Illegal Electoral Reform”

Roberto Rivas

Lumberto Campbell becomes the de facto president, while Rivas maintains his immunity, salary and privileges

Fidel Castro’s Son Jumps into the Abyss

el hijo del Fidel Castro
  •  8 de febrero 2018

So only Fidelito and the window are left, and there he is, will he jump or not? Will he throw himself into the abyss or not? Finally, he jumped.

World Court Settles Nicaragua – Costa Rica Disputes

International Court of Justice resolves dispute between Costa Rica and Nicaragua with a “decision worthy of Solomon.”

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