Nicaragua: Before and After the Social Security Heist


Fire in Nicaragua’s Indio Maiz Biological Reserve could spread to its western border

Demand more interest on the part of the government in the management of natural resources and control of squatters’ invasions

The Media in Nicaragua Replicates Violence against Women

  • Elmer Rivas
  •  11 de abril 2018

There are reporters who still use terms like “crimes of passion,” Maria Teresa Blandon, founder of the Feminist project “La Corriente”

Social Media Increases Participation of Nicaraguan Youth in Social Justice Causes

  • Franklin Villavicencio
  •  11 de abril 2018

Nicaraguan youth support causes and mobilizations through the social networks

Political Machismo

Trump’s hyper-masculinity is distinctly unconvincing

Nicaragua: Masaya Volcano Website Nominated for a Prestigious Award

The site, which presents videos and a tour of the Masaya Volcano, holds 42% of the public’s votes

The “Miracle” of Child Mothers

Official policy of President Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo applauds teen pregnancies, considering them a symbol of “prosperity”.

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