Nicaragua Protest March: “They Were students, Not Criminals!”

Dies Irae

CICIG Nicaragua

Dies Irae is the day of judgement. Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo have been judged as leaders: they should resign

Nicaragua chosen by US-Israel company for huge cacao plantation

The project for cultivation with drip irrigation hopes to export some 7,500 tons annually beginning in the seventh year of operations.

Nicaragua: University Students at UPOLI Continue Unbowed

“We demand that the current government leave power, and that we finally have free and transparent elections,” say the students who have risen up in ci

Nicaragua Says No to Repression or Back Room Deals


Protestors are also demanding freedom, democracy, and political participation to end the dictatorship.

Nicaragua: Before and After the Social Security Heist


Fire in Nicaragua’s Indio Maiz Biological Reserve could spread to its western border

Demand more interest on the part of the government in the management of natural resources and control of squatters’ invasions

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