Venezuela, Another Perspective


It’s time to invite the world to look at Venezuela in another light that doesn’t feed polarization or fall into opportunism or geopolitics.

Nicaraguan Farmers Plan for the Repeal of the Canal Law

The country can’t live for 100 years in a state of humiliation. There are legal options, but all paths will involve a national protest movement

Nicaragua: Life After the La Chureca Garbage Dump

Investment from the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation was 41.2 million euros

The “Promised Land” that Ortega Offered with the Canal


Four years of the Ortega-Wang law, and the persistent rural protests

Nicaraguan Farmers Protest Canal Threat

The farmers are demanding that Law 840 be revoked: “They want to expropriate our lands,” decry the protesting population in San Miguelito.

Refusal to Subscribe to the Paris Accord Isolated Nicaragua

Ortega is in a select club with Syria’s Bashar al-Assad and U.S. president Donald Trump.

Leonardo Padura Speaks on His Novels and Cuba

Cubans wait under a large question mark for the end of Raul Castro’s presidency in 2018: “There’s no will for an immediate political opening.”

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