Nicaragua Two Years after Accords: Less Liberty, More Prisoners

Cinthya Torrez

Two years after the government and the Civic Alliance signed agreements, these have remained unfulfilled

Renacer places Nicaragua on U.S. priorities to “avoid a third dictatorship”.

Octavio Enríquez

Deborah Ullmer of the National Democratic Institute: "we don't have to wait until the bill comes out for Biden to implement sanctions policies."

Three Nicaraguan Women Exiled in Costa Rica

After almost three years of taking refuge, they continue with their lives, avoiding the lack of employment, discrimination and the pandemic

Nicaraguan Gov. Cancels Three Flights, Leaves Passengers Stranded

Octavio Enríquez

Government and private company do not provide any explanation; passenger paid US$150 for Covid test and no one is going to reimburse her

RENACER Act of the US Senate Expands Causes to Sanction Ortega’s Abettors

Juan Carlos Bow

More supervision over the IDB, WB, and IMF, and they will sanction those who “obstruct the realization of free and transparent elections” in Nicaragua

Brooklyn Rivera of Yatama: “We Can’t Be Afraid”

Ivette Munguía

Discontent and abandonment on Nicaragua’s Caribbean region fed into Yatama’s march in Bilwi. The march was held despite the police siege

Nicaragua’s Political Challenge for 2021

Cirilo Antonio Otero

Some brief observations of the economy, the political culture and the short-term tendencies

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