Nicaragua: Canal Opponents Denounce Human Rights Violations


"In this country, we’ve been pleading for justice for four years, asking to be listened to, to please repeal the Law that is violating our rights"

Lucho Fuentes: Engineering the Sounds of Revolutions

  • Elmer Rivas
  •  18 de julio 2017

“Lucho has taught us to listen to the sounds of the achievements and frustrations of our people’s struggles.”

Athiany Larios, First Nicaraguan Trans Woman Elected to a Political Party Post

Athiany Larios

After suffering discrimination in employment, she became involved in activism and later with the political parties. “I want to be the voice for many.”

Venezuela, Another Perspective


It’s time to invite the world to look at Venezuela in another light that doesn’t feed polarization or fall into opportunism or geopolitics.

Nicaraguan Farmers Plan for the Repeal of the Canal Law

The country can’t live for 100 years in a state of humiliation. There are legal options, but all paths will involve a national protest movement

Nicaragua: Life After the La Chureca Garbage Dump

Investment from the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation was 41.2 million euros

The “Promised Land” that Ortega Offered with the Canal


Four years of the Ortega-Wang law, and the persistent rural protests

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