Russian Presence in Nicaragua has the USA Concerned

Nicaragua y Afganistán

The US suspects that Moscow in installing a spy base

Defeating the “Nica Act” in Managua


It’s of vital importance that we overcome our fears in order to denounce and document the corruption.

Nicaragua’s Patricia Belli: from Tragedy to Rejoicing

Celebrating her thirty year artistic career with an exhibition entitled “Balance and Collapse”

US Legislators Toughen the “Nica Act”


This new version of the “Nica Act” omits the agreement between the Ortega government and the OAS.

Nicaragua “Among the Happiest Countries” According to Latest UN Index


A high grade in happiness doesn’t mean more “smiles,” but people’s overall well-being.

Nicaraguan Farmers in Opposing Camps over GMOs

Alvaro Fiallos, National Union of Farmers and Ranchers of Nicaragua (UNAG) president: “It’s not true they would raise productivity in the country.”

Nicaragua Canal Project Owners Reduce Presence to a Minimum

While the peasant anti-canal movement demands Ortega overturn the canal law, Chinese billionaire Wang Jing is still missing.

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