Norma Helena Returns to the Stage with a Love Song for Nicaragua

The concert revisited the best-known songs of Nicaragua’s regions, in homage to the work and legacy of the great composers.

“The Canal Will Be the End of Daniel Ortega”

“The canal isn’t viable; it should never have been considered"

A Project to Connect Poetry and Film

Why Bannon Had to Go


Nicaragua: “We’ll never rest until the Canal Law is repealed”

bianca jagger, campesinos

Bianca Jagger: “Ortega is endangering the sovereignty of our people. You, the rural residents, are the bravest ones.”

A Dangerous Game of Chicken

Neither Trump nor Kim seems to have sufficient political capital to spearhead a shift from military threats to diplomatic solutions

Surviving America’s Political Meltdown

Political Meltdown

There are two power centers in Washington, DC: the White House and the Capitol. Both are in disarray, but for different reasons.

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